Indy Speedway v1.1

Indy is an Action Graphic Animated BBS DOOR Game from UltraSoft, or it can be played as a home game like the others, using the /L option. Features INDY CAR Racing with wrecks, spin-outs, engine sounds & HI-Speed, online or offline!

Supports COM1-COM4, non-Standard IRQs, non-Standard Ports up to 115Kbps. Lots of Online Music/Sound effects top it off, and UltraSoft Animated Action! DOOR.SYS/DORINFO1 for Almost all BBS types. A thrill a minute! Due to extra intense online graphic animation, INDY is recommended for hi-speed BBS Systems: at least DX/50 and up. It may not operate well for callers below 9600 Baud. Low speed callers are advised about this, on entry. Includes EZ INSTALL Utility and Local Mode operation.

Indy can also be adjusted for speed of operation in the configuration files to match your machine and your connection. See INDY.CFG for instructions.


Saratoga Raceway v3.6

Saratoga was our first venture into creating Door Games for BBS Systems. It was first released in the very early 90’s. It supports almost every BBS that supplies either DOOR.SYS or DORINFO1.DEF, and provides Multi-Node concurrent operation, up to 115K BPS. It does not directly support so-called dumb multi-port boards such as DigiBoard. Saratoga Raceway includes the UltraSoft EZ Install Program and Local Mode. As such, it can also be played as a home game. (No BBS).

You’ll find LOTS of animated action here, along with some very interesting online effects and extensive sound/music. Its also full of surprises! Watch those Bad Guys that hang out at the Track.They are not there for your health! Win the BIG BUCKS! The Current Release is: v3.6


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


Ready for Spring 2008? We Certainly Are!

Not too much is new at the moment. If you haven’t tried the UltraSoft Animated Action Door Games, then you owe it to yourself to download a few, or all of them, test them out, and install them for a trial period at the very least. Sure to attract new members to your BBS. With extensive animation, music and sound effects, They are known to be quite advanced over what you may have experienced in the past, and most of them have undergone recent upgrades.

Help us keep the BBS concept alive and well. Add some fancy extras to your online service and watch the activity grow. We’re one of the few Door Game producers still in existence. We’re proud of that, and would even like to develop some all-new Door products in the future. As you know of course, producing Shareware is a lot like any occupation, and it depends on registrations to survive. So check them out and see if they wouldn’t add a lot to your own operation. We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.